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Go for it! The Bologna ministerial summit in Paris, by Andreas Keller

Credits: UNESCO/Flickr

Isn’ it ironic? 50 years ago, in May 1968, students in Paris were going to the barricades and aspiring to a societal revolution – and initiated an overdue reform of higher education almost throughout Europe eventually. Today, in May 2018, ministers in charge of higher education from 48 countries belonging to the European Hig...

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Quality Education for the most Marginalised: The roles of Education Support Personnel, by Mere Berryman

Credits: coreeducation / Flickr

Many children and young people from across the world experience significant barriers to accessing the benefits that society offers through health, education and social services. This can impact negatively on their ability to function at school and in turn the wider community. For multiple reasons, these children and young people...

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Discovering more about Education Support Personnel, by Philippa Butler

Credits: Michael Jones / World Bank

Education Support Personnel (ESP) play a vital role in promoting quality education, fostering a safe and positive learning environment for all students, and ensuring that schools and education institutions function effectively. ESP cover a wide range of people working in the education sector, such as teaching and learning assist...

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