Keep copyright out of the classroom

Copyright is commonly seen as a matter of creators only: musicians, writers and painters. Currently, it is fashionable also to include creative industries: architects, fashion designers or cooks. But we tend to forget that copyright is a legal system that also applies to education - to millions of teachers and educators, and a multitude of learners. We don't realise that a popular textbook is used on par with blockbuster movies or hit singles. Invisible but present in the classroom Copyright applies to a wide scope of...

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Status of Teachers – Back to the Future


2016 is the 50th anniversary of the ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. To mark the occasion, Education International has organised anniversary events on 20 September in New York and has produced a pamphlet to accompany those meetings. The Recommend...

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Human rights begin in the classroom


As another school year opens in many parts of the world, many families will be relieved to close the book on the bloody summer of 2016. From Orlando to Dallas, Nice to Istanbul, Syria to South Sudan, the tragedies of the last few months give us more than enough reason to fear tha...

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Shining a Light on Digital Tracking in Education


In the U.S. and around the world, millions of digital data points are collected daily from children by private companies that provide educational technologies to schools. Some examples: Knewton’s “adaptive learning” technologies record the keystrokes, answers, a...

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Teachers in England : resiliency in the face of reform


The teaching profession in England is in crisis. The stories of English teachers feeling overworked, undervalued, creatively squashed by standardised assessments, constantly scrutinised as a result of accountability reforms and exhausted, are countless. This has led to many teach...

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