The Importance of Class Size

Class size research has a protracted and controversial history, especially in the USA, England, and Australia. Is there evidence that pupils taught in smaller classes do better in academic and other non-cognitive outcomes than pupils in larger classes? Many policymakers and political commentators world-wide suggest that funding isn’t the problem in education. They claim that much of the increased expenditure on education in the last 20 to 30 years has been ‘wasted’ on efforts to reduce class sizes, ar...

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Collective bargaining – the real teachers’ voice.


Many official policy documents and academic papers make the case for ‘teacher voice’. They highlight the need to develop genuine collaborative cultures in schools where teachers can have a say in making decisions on professional issues. This may be so obvious as to be...

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The Roles of Private Actors in the Global Partnership for Education


The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) is one of the most prominent multi-stakeholder agencies in the education sector. Dedicated to increasing access to quality education worldwide, the organization mobilizes funds to support over 60 low-income countries. The GPE’s con...

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