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Educación privada de ‘bajo coste’ en el Perú: un ...

by Clara Fontdevila, Paola Marius, María Bal...

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From Research to Advocacy: A guide to planning, conduct...

This toolkit was produced by Education Intern...

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School vouchers and the privileges of choice

by Tore Bernt Sorensen

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What Educators Need to Know About Global Trade Deals

By Susan L. Robertson, Joanna Tidy and Santia...

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Spotlight-Cashing in on SDG 4

Education International's Antonia Wulff expla...

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Credits: Steve Rhodes

Pearson and the Neo-Liberal Global Assault on Public Ed...

By Alan Singer and Eustace Thompson, Hofstra ...

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Structural Indicators for Inclusive Systems in and arou...

This report develops practical tools to help ...

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Public-Private Partnerships as an Education Policy Appr...

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are increa...

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Policy Briefs

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EI Education and Trade Update – March 2018

What is the recent trends on international tr...

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Credits: Global Partnership for Education

GMR Policy Paper 31 : Aid to education is stagnating an...

Domestic expenditures in low and lower middle...

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Textbooks pave the way to sustainable development

Few instruments shape children’s and yo...

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EDUCATION AND TRADE (September 2016)

This brief provides a comprehensive update (a...

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EI Pamphlet - CEART 50th Anniversary

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School Related Gender Based Violence (SRGBV)

Gender-based violence is a fundamental violat...

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Students Want Quality Education

Look more into Quest here

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GPE 'Every Child Needs a Teacher to Learn' Infographic

Download here!

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