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    Reflections on the International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2013


    The first two Summits in New York were always going to be a tough act to follow. They were the brainchild of the two US teacher unions, the NEA and the AFT and the US Education Secretary. The third ISTP hosted by the Netherlands with its EI affiliates had to demonstrate that the initial Summits were...

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    Going Forward: The Achievement of the MDGs and Where to Progress Post-2015


    With roughly 2.8 years to go, the deadline for the successful implementation of the Millennium Development Goals is fast approaching; that being said, 2015 is not the “red light” year. Ensuring access to and participation in education and training, as well as the opportunities to continue education...

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    Education budgets under pressure in EU Member States


    A new Eurydice report, published today, on the impact of the financial and economic crisis on education budgets across Europe, reveals that investment in education fell in eight out of 25 Member States since 2010. Cuts of more than 5 % were imposed in Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania...

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