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    Make a difference: Take part in the My World survey!


    EI strongly encourages its affiliates, teachers and students to vote in the My World survey launched by the UN. This survey asks citizens from all over the world to share their thoughts on what priorities to include in the global development agenda beyond 2015. A good education is one of the sixteen...

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    ETUCE-ETUI High level seminar on alternatives to austerity measures


    On 25 - 27 February 2013, the ETUCE and ETUI organized a joint high-level seminar focusing on alternatives to widespread austerity measures across Europe. Presidents and general secretaries of national trade union organizations discussed their positions and strategies in the context of a changing Eu...

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    Private Intellectuals Sell Market Solutions


    Public intellectuals have a long history of speaking out in the public interest about the issues of the day.  Today we have a new phenomenon -- private intellectuals -- like Harry Patrinos, Michael Barber, and James Tooley -- who speak out against the public interest to promote the private mark...

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    The story on current education reforms in Spain: The past will come back


    During the time when Spain was ruled by a dictator, girls and boys went to different schools, or they were at least subject to class segregation. Typically, the rich and middle class children went to private religious schools, and the poor children from the suburbs and/or villages went to public sch...

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