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    Quality-Ed project

    Quality-Ed project - Mali

    Guidelines towards the development of teacher competence profiles Following the above pilots and an international study on teacher competencies and standards, EI and Oxfam Novib recently developed ‘Guidelines Towards a Competence Profile for Primary Teachers’. The guidelines are designe...

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    Guenay Ulutuncok, laif / Reporters.be, 2012

    Sierra Leone: caps on recruitment Teacher absenteeism in Sierra Leone varies from 10 per cent to 40 per cent. The government’s cap on teacher recruitment has led to classrooms being left without any teacher or staffed by unpaid and unqualified teachers. Teachers are engaged by school managers...

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    GTU secretariat and logo

    Meet-The-Teacher Tour The GTU leadership regularly embarks on member-education campaigns, recruitment drives and a Meet-The-Teacher Tour (MTT), to meet with teachers at their workplaces and discuss issues pertaining to their welfare and living conditions. The objectives of the MTT are: To as...

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