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    A crisis of cost: Economic constraints to hiring more and better teachers


    My previous post (“Teacher supply gaps and the looming quality crisis in developing countries”) looked at how supply gaps in quality teachers and teacher training exacerbate the well-known global teacher shortfall in both primary and post-primary phases.  We are quickly finding out, unfortunate...

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    Teacher supply gaps and the looming quality crisis in developing countries


    It is widely recognized that while the number and recruitment of teachers has grown significantly since 1970, recruitment rates have stalled and moreover have not kept pace with expanding enrolments.[1]  This has led to a worldwide shortage of teachers that is particularly acute in developing c...

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    Worlds of Education


    At the heart of the new instalment of Worlds of Education lies the foundation of an online magazine, creating a dedicated website as a new anchor point for the publication. In a readership survey held about a year ago, a large majority of respondents expressed their wish for a significant on-line...

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