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    “The Fast Track for Newly Arrived Teachers in Sweden: the union’s perspective”, by Patrik Ribe.

    Photo: NeONBRAND / Unsplash.

    In 2015 the number of immigrants seeking asylum in Sweden reached record numbers. In total, Sweden received 163 000 asylum seeking refugees that year. For us. as a teachers’ union, it was natural to contribute to the creation of a system that would make good use of the teaching competence of the newly arrived.

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    “Prohibiting violence and harassment in the world of work”, by David Edwards.

    Photo: Green Chameleon/Unsplash

    More than 800 million women have experienced some form of violence and harassment, ranging from physical assault to verbal abuse, bullying and intimidation. #MeToo and similar movements have helped expose the scale of the problem in the world of work, encouraging women to speak out and demand justice. Whilst women are overwhelm...

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