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The EU Copyright reform: Education ministries should play a stronger role in the copyright reform process to secure public interest, by Damjan Harisch


The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia (Ministry) has taken keen interest in the EU Copyright reform, which was initiated by the EU Commission through a Proposal for a Directive on Copyrights in the digital single market in September 2016, following several years of public debates and legislatio...

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#WDR2018 Reality Check #22: “Learning Matters and the World Development Report 2018”, by Keith Lewin

Credits: Nahuel Berger / World Bank

“Learning to Realise Education’s Promise” is the first time the World Bank has devoted an entire 240 page World Development Report (WDR) to education and learning. It is surprising that it has taken so long given that the main purpose of the Bank is to finance development, and low income countries generally spend more on e...

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Copyright and education: unequal conditions for teaching and learning in Europe, by Teresa Nobre

Credits: Ashraf Saleh / Flickr

What can a teacher do in a classroom with a poem, a video, an artwork or a piece of music created by someone else? From early childhood education to higher education, literary and artistic works can be used by teachers, academics and researchers, education support personnel and students for educational uses insofar as the copyri...

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