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#ResNet: Amplifying teacher voice: getting stuck into research, by Philippa Cordingley

Credits: Leif Harboe/Flickr

One of the things we are exploring in our research into how different countries construct teachers’ professional identities that will be presented at Education International’s annual Research Network meeting today, is the nature of the links between investing in research-informed teaching and amplifying teachers’ collectiv...

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Reflections on the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women, by Ann Mari Milo Lorentzen & Gro Hartveit

Credits: UN Women/Ryan Brown

This year, Union of Education (Norway) had two political leaders as a part of Education International’s delegation to CSW62 in New York. We, Ann Mari Milo Lorentzen and Gro Hartveit, members of Union of Education (UEN)’s Executive Board, participated for the first time. We arrived on the 10th of March and returned home on th...

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#EI25: "Making a difference in a different world", by Davanand Sinanan (TTUTA, Trinidad and Tobago)

Credits: UN Photo/Milton Grant

Few would argue that the world has changed in a significant manner over the last decade through a combination of geopolitics and communication technology. The rapid rate of change seems to have caught most people off-guard and as a result is struggling to keep pace. Very few analysists have been able to predict the kind or rate ...

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