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Not waiting for superman, by David Frost

Credits: Dominic Chavez / World Bank

Last week I was fortunate in being able to participate in a conference on the island of Krk on the Croatian coast. The best part was linking up with colleagues from NGOs in places such as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Macedonia and Palestine – all quite challenging contexts. It was great to hear about how they ha...

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Towards Inclusive Quality School Leadership, By Dennis Sinyolo

Credits: Dominican University / Flickr

School leaders play a pivotal role in the provision of quality education and in ensuring equity and equal educational opportunities for all children, pupils and students. School leaders can help to create and maintain a positive school climate and a culture of peace, tolerance, equity, inclusiveness, cooperation and hard work ...

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Protecting and growing the profession: The Professional Standards Conundrum, by Jelmer Evers

Credits: ANL / Flickr

Not too long ago I had a formal lesson observation as part of my yearly performance review. It’s meant as a basis for professional growth and as such it succeeded. I enjoyed the reflection. In my view it should be a regular part of a teacher’s job, not just a yearly one-off which has no impact. Reflection and growth are ong...

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