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    “Turning inclusion into reality: the central role of teachers”, by Anna D’Addio.

    Photo: UNICEF Ethiopia/2014/Ose

    Many factors feed into the design of a truly inclusive education system. Some factors shape the way education systems are set up, such as laws and policies or governance and finance mechanisms. Others operate inside the school walls, in the shape of curricula and learning materials, but also teachers, school leaders and educatio...

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    “Climate change action: organising to win”, by Adam Lincoln.

    Photo:  Markus Spiske / Unsplash

    As education trade unionists gather together for the 8th EI World Congress, it is clear that working people and students are on the front lines of climate change. Already 83 million climate-related refugees have fled from disaster. 72 million jobs are threatened. Climate change affects our brothers and sisters – especially our...

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    “Our Mandate”, by David Edwards


    Being elected General Secretary of EI is a great honour. It is a challenge to live up to the confidence that has been given by the representatives of education workers from all regions of the world. It is also comforting to join that small team of talented leaders elected on the first day of our Congress.

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