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What's Wrong With Low-Cost Private Schools for the Poor?


Right now, there is considerable attention being focused on a growing phenomenon in a number of developing countries -- private primary schools that charge relatively low fees.  They are described in miraculous terms, as private schools, once the bastion of the well-to-do, are now reaching disadvantaged families and thus ha...

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Take part in shaping the future of education!


EI is calling on educators, students, parents and communities to contribute to The Global Thematic Consultation on Education in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The deadline for online contributions by members of the public to the draft Executive Summary of the Global Consultation on Education is 27 May. This is a key opportuni...

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The Value and Values of Quality Public Services


Years of demagogic attacks on public services in some countries, even if the services are efficient and of good quality, has created a barrier to understanding the value of quality public services (QPS) [1]. In this sense, the notion of QPS is an easier concept to explain if there is a common understanding that collective soluti...

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