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The story on current education reforms in Spain: The past will come back


During the time when Spain was ruled by a dictator, girls and boys went to different schools, or they were at least subject to class segregation. Typically, the rich and middle class children went to private religious schools, and the poor children from the suburbs and/or villages went to public schools. A crucifix was also pres...

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Reforming Reform


In democratic societies, certain values have been seen as primordial. Economic activity and market actors should find their place in that value system. Phrases such as the “social market” economy or “capitalism with a human face” reflected that mentality. There has always been a tension between the market and human valu...

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Unemployment and the Skills Gap Myth


The American social reformer and women’s suffragist Jane Addams noted in 1910 that of all the aspects of social misery nothing is as heartbreaking as unemployment. To be without meaningful work is not only financially devastating, but also mentally and physically damaging. Unemployed workers and their families are twice as lik...

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Green light for Financial Transaction Tax Europe


European Union finance ministers gave their approval at a meeting today in Brussels, allowing eleven EU member states to pursue the implementation of a financial transactions tax (FTT). At present the 11 states  - including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Slovakia and Slovenia - h...

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