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Teacher Quality in an Age of Resurgent Chauvinism


We have seen the resurgence of nationalist parties and chauvinistic sentiment in many nations around the world. Elections in England, the Philippines and the U.S. have dramatically shifted global relations, and foreshadows the rise to power of neo-nationalist parties. Often aligned with “conservative” social movement...

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A Pledge to Researchers


On November 15th 2016 all eight major political parties in Norway agreed to sign a declaration to support academic freedom and encourage academics to participate in public debate. The occasion was the annual Research Policy Summit and the initiative came from its organizers, the Norwegian Association of Researchers (NAR). What c...

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Technology in Schools: We Need to Get it Right


The topic at a side conference at the recent World Economic Forum this year – “Robots Vs. Humans: The teacher of the future?” – was deliberately provocative. Sponsored by Education International and the Varkey Foundation, the discussion among education activists and officials was a lively exploration of t...

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La violence à l’école : l’apport de la recherche québécoise


School-based violence is an increasingly hot topic in many places around the world. Research carried out in Quebec (Canada) reveals that while the phenomenon is not on the rise as media reporting suggest, teacher and school staff training remains an important gap. Recent research works in this domain converge to underline the im...

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