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#WDR2018 Reality Check #19: Early Childhood in the WDR 2018: Acknowledged, but Still Rooted in Western-Centric and Economically-Focused Thinking by Helge Wasmuth and Elena Nitecki

Credit: GPE/Carolina Valenzuela

The World Development Report (WDR) recognizes the importance of the formative years, which is a positive step toward addressing many problems facing children and families. It was refreshing to read that issues like poverty, malnutrition, pre- and post-natal care, and parent education (pp. 9, 21, 112) are acknowledged as powerfu...

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“What Europe can do for refugees and migrants’ education” by Silvia Costa MEP

Credits: Adolfo Lujan (Flickr)

Refugees and migrants education, especially minors, is a top priority, the best way to empower them and foster their integration, but also one of the principles on which the EU is funded. It is incredible, though, that education of migrants - especially forced migrants and refugees - seems to be underestimated, both while they a...

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#WDR2018 Reality Check #18: “Behind the Scores; Myths on Korean education” by Hyunsu Hwang

Credits: imtmphoto

The “Forward” of the 2018 World Development Report (WDR) by the World Bank Group’s president, Jim Yong Kim, shocked me. It starts: “Education and learning raise aspirations, set values, and ultimately enrich lives. The country where I was born, the Republic of Korea, is a good example of how education can play these impo...

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