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World Bank's "Global Economic Prospects" report forecasts slower growth in 2012


The World Bank's new "Global Economic Prospects" publication forecasts slower growth for almost all developing regions in 2012 because of protracted instability in the Euro area. The reports attributes its expectation of lower growth in developing regions to a series of factors associated with the euro zone debt crisis, includin...

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A generation scarred by the cuts of austerity


At the risk of sounding nostalgic, some things it seems really were better in the good old days. Depending upon our age, we might quibble about the music or the fashion styles, but there's one thing we can all probably agree on – the job prospects facing young people today are worse than ever. The International Labour Organiz...

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Contesting Crisis and (Neo)Liberal Reforms in the Former Socialist Bloc


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the rhetoric of "crisis" has dominated education policy debates in the former socialist bloc countries. The titles of numerous education policy briefs, studies, and reports made this clearly visible—A Generation at Risk: Children in the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan and K...

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Turning the crisis around: Hope for change from global trade unionism


<p>One of the earliest priorities of the trade union movement, dating back to the 19th century in many countries, was free public education. This demand was made in order to provide opportunities for the children of workers. It was part of a fight for equality, a fight that is not yet won.<br /><br />Quality education remains a ...

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