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    Denmark: A 2012 EI country study report


    EI affiliates: BUPL Danish National Federation of Early Childhood and Youth Educators GL     Gymnasieskolernes Laererforening (National Union of Upper Secondary Schools) DLF Danish Union of Teachers DM Dansk Magisterforening (University Teachers’ Union) UED Union of Educatio...

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    Colombia: A 2012 EI country study report


    EI affiliates Federación Colombiana de Educadores (FECODE)  Colombian Federation of Teachers Asociación Sindical de Profesores Universitarios (ASPU) Trade Union Association of University Lecturers   Ratifications:  C.  87  Freedom of Association and the Protection of t...

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    The trouble with MOOCs


    It seems that with every new advancement in technology come bold predictions and dire warnings of the inevitable demise of traditional brick and mortar schools, colleges and universities.  In 1885, the founder and future president of the University of Chicago, William Rainey Harper, suggested t...

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    Canada: A 2012 EI country study report


    The Canadian Education System In Canada, there is no federal department of education and no integrated national system of education. Within the federal system, Canada's Constitution Act of 1867 provides that each provincial legislature exclusively make laws in relation to education. In the 13 juris...

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